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In need of opinions (nothing serious)

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Hello! I'm new here.


I had and have some issues... but since this place  is for a short introduction, I dive into the present.

Just a bit of a... warning? I'm not saying the topic is triggering, but the least I can say is that it's contradictory.


So... I kind of want to ruin my life... to some extent of course. If you insist I can give you a boring biography but I'd prefer to discuss the current situation.


Ruin life. As many of you might think, this is a really unadvisable, strange and indeed stupid thing. I suppose my parents would think the same, so, I'd kind of like to move after my 18th birthday (I'm already working on not-passing-the-class-this-year, half of the year's almost gone and I haven't studied at all except a bit of *one censored subject name*). Sane person would not let his/her child waste his life, and definietly wouldn't pay for that. I could find work in the neighbourhood and live here with them but it's not the best idea, they are loud, interrogating, interfering people.


So, plan is to move to the Netherlands. Weed, hookers, booze, tulip fields to walk on in case I fell in love and plenty of water to drown myself into in case... wohoo, I wouldn't ever do such an obviously wrong thing, it was just a joke *waves to the future, 'cause it's the internet*.

Priority: Has anyone ever did something like this, moving away without resources? Experiences?

Other people: Opinions? Something I might have not thought about?


Thank you already


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I moved out at the age of 19 with nothing but a trash bag full of clothes, I had full intentions of falling in love forever, living the free, off the grid life and then living happily ever after.


Now that I'm OUT of the situation I am 1) lucky I'm not dead  2) lucky I'm not in jail  3) lucky I've still got brain functions  4) lucky I'm not on the street  ...etc.



Seeing as how I am only 21, it may seem like stupid advice, however, I can say this much, if I would have just agreed to live with my parents THEN I would probably not be with them NOW.


Give it some time and chill out after school.

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Happily ever after? I don't think we are talking about the same thing.

In fact, losing my brain funcions or my life involuntarily would be quite a good deal for me.

I do not expect happiness, nor freedom, and in fact, I'm quite in a good realtionship with my parents.

I'd just like to... I'm not saying get rid of all my brain functions... but minimize them.

I know that the best I can expect is a minimum wage and a dormitory with at least two roommates. And no chance to get forward. But still...told you what the plan is, I just didn't explain why.

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