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A small success

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So things have been really rough and I even got everything ready. My tool is right there on the table in front of me. The urges were so strong but I thought about how doing this has been bringing me more problems than solving and even though the urges were strong and I really, really, REALLY wanted to do it and still do - I resisted and am confident that I'm not going to relapse today.

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Thanks a lot guys! Your support means a lot a me.


Mia, nobody knows that I SH yet so I have no one to give it to but I'll have to admit it to someone soon.. This has been indirectly effecting our relationship in a negative way and I want to clear some things up. Maybe then I'll have someone.


Wooster and beautifultragedy, It's my first time feeling like I can control the SH and not the other way around. When I resisted before it left me feeling horrible and obsessed with doing it, now I just felt like it was ok, that I could live without it. Yay!  :lol:

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