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Tegretol or Tri-leptal? Tri-leptal is considered a refined version of Tegretol, but some people like Tegretol better. Neurotin is used by some people, but it doesn't work for everyone. Topomax is not approved for bipolar, yet we have some people on the boards that respond well to it.


Another option are some of the AAPs (Atypical Anti-psychotics) which often act as mood stabilizers. Don't be scared by the word "anti-psychotic," you don't need to be psychotic for them to help. Some of them are actually on label to act as mood stabilizers. Seroquel is used this way, as are Abilify and Latuda, especially if you tend towards depression. I might be a little mixed up about the Abilify.


Can someone tell me if Abilify is a mood stabilizer or not? Sorry, but I just realized I don't know for sure.

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A level of 0.7 isn't toxic. It's therapeutic from 0.4-1.2. Taking NSAID's and other medications can cause it to fluctuate. You might need to switch mood stabilizers, which sucks, because lithium is so good (I developed a rare kidney disease from it, one that most *docs* haven't heard of). 

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I'm glad you're feeling better. just don't adjust the dose without a pdoc's permission, and try to take it around the same time very day. 


You can have caffeine, but stay on the cautious side and keep intake low. I found stuff like gatorade helped with the thirst, and water gets boring. 


Definitely mention all side effects to your doc.


Toxicity sucks. 

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