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Hey hey.

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Just got here and loving it already. I hope I end up staying.


Bipolar II, currently hypomanic!


I am a 26-year-old girl (lady? woman? words are fckin weird) who lives in Southeast Asia and edits books for a living. Sort of. It's what I've been doing since, I don't know, September, I guess. But I feel like it fits. I work at home because I can't handle office jobs (something I learned after a grand total of one office job—that lasted a grand total of four months). I take all-nighters every couple of days, then relax the rest of the week. Whenever there's work coming in.


Okay, I think this is all I can manage to write right now. I just received an email from my client who just told me that I'm wonderful so I'm drowning in all the feels. Aaaaaa!


Yes, I will see my therapist this week.


Nice to meet you and stuff! I like you.

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