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Starting lithium monotherapy 900MG!

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I'm on Lithium monotherapy as well, on the low end of the therapeutic range. So far, it has been brilliant for me. It leveled out a starting manic episode in only a few weeks and it seems to have been helping with the depression, I no longer have any issues with energy levels. But it's only been a few months.

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Congratulations. Glad you are doing well


Short answer:

Li mono worked for me for 25 years, just be sure to get blood work regularly.


Long Answer:

I was on lithium mono for 25 years, w/ thorazine as an adjunct when I felt myself going hypo.

This was after 2 psychotic breaks when I had to be locked in a cell for berserk-ness.

Then they figured out that lithium would control my mania [by a trial because they hadn't figured out for the first 2 years of my illness that I have a mood disorder as opposed to schizophrenia, which they should have guessed b/c none of the first gen AP's could control me (they had not developed 2d gen at that time), but that is a tangential story.]


Thereafter I was very afraid of episodes.

The first 10 years of mono I was symptom free, full remission.

After that I was on a 2-year cycle of elevated mood, which scared me, but the lithium and thorazine held me in check.


Then I started having break thru episodes of psychosis which Li did not control.

Now I am not on lithium and I am on a psychotic break "schedule" of every 2 years.

I was put on a 2d gen AP and now w/ lamotrigine as my mood stabilizer.

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Lithium ended my moderate depression (part of a mixed episode) and I was symptom free for a short while. But after that I had breakthrough depression and manias. It also made me gain weight. Wasn't the med for me, but it helps a lot of people. I'm happy to hear it seems to be working for you.

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