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Anyone tried Contrave? Or naltrexone? My doctor suggested it for weight loss and I'm researching.

I've been gaining weight in scary amounts since I quit smoking. The first time I quit smoking - 100 lbs. This time so far - 25 in a few months.

Naltrexone's an antiaddiction med and my eating is very "addictive" (compulsive) plus related to my smoking addiction - so it sort of makes sense to me.

Any comments welcome. I'm particularly nervous that if it affects the reward mechanisms in the brain, that that will affect my motivation. I'm really lazy and always trying to motivate myself -- so I wouldn't want to make that worse.

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I am on naltrexone to help with the food addiction/urges/whatever ... and it really helps A LOT.    It gets rid of the binge-like eating for me.  I still get hungry, but not like I did when off of it.  I'm also on buproprion but it is the naltrexone that does the work, IMO.


It is not sedating. 


I'm not a DR, but if your DR is willing to prescribe it, I would give it a try.

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Husband and and I saw this new med advertised at a pharmacy. Since you already take Wellbutrin you would just need the naltrexone prescribed, correct? Because the contrave was expensive as a brand name med. We looked it up with our drug coverage. It would have been like $200 a month at least with insurance. Eep!

But your insurance may be better. So who knows! Good luck with it. I hope it helps you!

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Yeah my guess is it really depends on if my psychiatrist can get my insurance company to approve it. He could with Latuda which is also absurdly expensive, but a lifesaver, and I now pay the highest copay - $45 for that. But even if they approve it, I really don't want my insurance to pay that much either - it raises rates.

But you'd think just adding naltrexone to Wellbutrin would be just as good, you're right. I don't know why he didn't suggest that. But I don't know if oral naltrexone is available in the right dose - or is any cheaper, for that matter. But thanks for the suggestion - I'm going to look into it.

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I take naltrexone in 50 mg pills, 3 times/day.  I believe the pills can be snapped in half also (although you'd need to ask the pharmacist that).  Then add wellbutrin on 200 mg IR (100 mg, 2x/day).  This combinations really works for me.


If you can't get Contrave, maybe you can try them individually?  Personally I like them individually because each pill can be adjusted independently.  With the Contrave the doses are combined.

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