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hey, everyone :)

i have a "bit" of a problem and was wondering if any of you have the same, or any tips to help me out.

see, while i was on bupropion, i had some naaasty EPS with metoclopramide, dimenhydrinate AND bromopride. from what i can recall, before i started taking bupropion i had no problem with dimenhydrinate or metoclopramide. 

i hate flying so i travel by bus (a lot). i usually take some clonazepam to "pass out" while on the road but, as some of you may have experienced, if you wake up in the middle of your sleep while on clonazepam you have no problem staying awake. and if i stay awake, i get motion sick.

i asked my doctor if i had any hope left to not throw my guts and brains up next time i hit the road and she said i should try this Zofran (ondansetron) thing. i read some stuff about it and it actually said the EPS incidence is low. but i'm still a little suspicious.

have any of you tried it, is it good? do any of you know if Zofran should work with my conditions & meds

i have bipolar II, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and hypothyroidism.

i take 250mg of lamictal, 100mg of topiramate, 1mg of clonazepam, 20mg of cyclobenzaprine and 125mcg of levothyroxine. oh and the occasional tramadol for the stenosis.

any tips on how to avoid motion sickness and/or EPS are very much welcome  :)

thanks in advance!

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Zofran shouldn't cause any EPS. I was given it through an IV when I was dehydrated and sick in the ER a while ago. I noticed no side effects. It made me a bit sleepy, but I didn't throw up after for a couple days. I was having a reaction to penicillin.

Your pharmacist should be able to tell you everything you need to know - they're well trained, and can look up interactions.


I'm sorry you're suffering from EPS. I am too, it's hard.

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Well, I don't know about the other, but I had horrible morning sickness all through my pregnancy. It didn't stop at the normal 3 month mark. I had it to the point that I had to be hospitalized several times because I was dehydrated. They gave me Zofran. It was a miracle drug for me. They gave me the dis-solvable under the tongue kind. I would take it and literally within minutes the nausea would go away. I hope it works for you.

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thanks for the replies, everyone :) i'm glad zofran works so well for all of you! i trust it so much more now. 

i'm gonna be in a bus for six hours next wednesday so i'm going to test it out tomorrow or sunday (while very close to an ER :confused0078:). i'll let you know what happens!


oh - i know i put a list of my meds up there but -, i didn't make it clear that i stopped taking bupropion ('cause it was making me paranoid/hipomaniac/suicidal) four months ago. maybe that would reduce the chances of me getting all weird on antiemetics? what do you guys know/think about that?


thanks again in advance 

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update: i bought the odt 8mg version and tested it yesterday. i had broncospasm right away and felt like i was about to pass out for about five minutes. i ran to the ER because my face and hands started to get numb but all those weird feelings were gone after ten minutes - it was just a panic attack! lol

i was so scared of having EPS again that my mind got the best of me. the ER doc was super nice and just talked to me until i felt safe enough to come home. nothing EPS-y happened and i even got a little "buzz"! i heart zofran.

i'm really happy that i can travel in the seat of the bus instead of the toilet and take an antiemetic anytime without break dancing ❤️

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