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If there were a genetic test for mi, how would it be used?

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i am going to try a less inflammatory thread than the Dawkins one. Not sure where it belongs.

It probably would have to do with your experience, knowledge about various mi and how specific/accurate the tests are. My brother was very symptomatic and I wouldn't want myself or anyone else to have to deal with that. If I had been dx earlier, I don't think I would have had kids. I feel they got a bad deal having to have me as a parent. And, I don't want them to have to go through what I have.

I could see it becoming another marker they test for and then people get genetic counseling to help decide if they want to continue with the pregnancy. I had this optimism when I was pregnant that we could deal with anything, but now I don't think so. I do know parents with grown mi children and it can be very difficult if they aren't stable.

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I don't know that it would really be useful. I mean something like 50% of people have the genetic marker for mental illness, but not all that 50% develop it. I can't remember the exact statical amount and I'm too lazy to look it up. My daughter has the sickle cell trait. I knew from the time I got pregnant she would have it, her dad has it. Does it affect her personally? Not at this time, but when she decides to be with someone and have children, it will affect her then. If she gets with someone else that has the sickle cell trait, she has a 25% chance of having a child with sickle cell disease. If my daughter got with someone with sickle cell trait, and had 4 children, one of her children would have sickle cell disease. I hope that doesn't influence her decision to have children or not.


I didn't know that I was bipolar when I had my daughter. I knew I had depression from time to time, but that was it. If I had known at the time I got pregnant, that I was bipolar, I would have still had her. It wouldn't have changed anything.



ETA: There are shitty mothers out there who are not MI. My mother has no MI and she wasn't the best mother. She did the best she knew how, but she was really lacking in several areas. I'm trying very hard to raise my daughter as mentally adjusted as she can be. Most of my therapy sessions are about how to raise her as mentally well adjusted as possible. She's got the deck stacked against her: I'm MI, and her dad is an absentee parent. So, she's gonna have daddy issues. But I truly believe she will come out of it ok.

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...It's complicated.

The depression's something I don't want to pass on. BUT...how much of my depression's due to genetics and how much of my depression's due to the fact that I got used as the marital punching bag and/or sex doll and/or frustration valve?

Depression's linked to childhood abuse.


So is bipolar.




Environment makes a huge difference. Not that you can't be a great parent and still have a severely symptomatic child, though. The odds against it get better, though.

...I would be a better parent than my parents, I'm shrunk and medicated.

But better enough? That I doubt, so no sprogging.

MI isn't strictly genetic, you see.

If I had lots of money and lots of help, I could probably raise a child without significant problems, you know? The tendency to depression could be worked against.

I'm poor and isolated, so that adds a huge level of difficulty.


Depression isn't even just individual, it's fricken' social. My guess is that Western society's too isolating.

The most heritable mental issue is ADHD/ ADD, IIRC it's 80% heritable. (Ooh, shiny. What was I saying?) ADHD can be disabling in more severe cases, but it can be useful in some ways for people who have less intense cases of it.

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Haiku, I had read your reply and it made sense to me. Although I'm so exhausted that I'm seeing spots of colour, so I might not be the best judge right now.


I'm with Stickler about this. I wouldn't be MI if there hadn't been literal childhood fuckery, like as not. You can't screen for that, before someone is born.

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