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New member, SSRI question

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Hi guys,

I'm new here but not new to OCD - I've had it since I was a kid.

I'm currently on a SSRI called Viibryd (about a month now) and it has helped with my depression but appears to be making my obsessive thoughts way worse and more intrusive. Can this happen on some meds? Or have you guys heard of that before?

I called my dr and asked to try Lexapro instead. Any success with Lexapro?

What do you guys take that you've had success with?

Any advice or encouraging words would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to lose hope that a medication will ever help me again (was on celexa for ten years and worked well but it lost effectiveness and before viibryd I was on luvox for a month and it did nothing for either my ocd or depression).



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I love my sertraline, for my OCD symptoms as well as my other MI. I want to marry my sertraline (Zoloft). 


A lot of people here swear by Luvox for OCD, but I see you've already tried it. 


I have heard good things about Lexapro, but have not tried it myself.


Clomipramine is the gold standard for OCD that doesn't respond to SSRIs (as already mentioned), although it's a tricyclic so the side effects will probably suck. 


Oh, and welcome to CB!

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Zoloft worked well for my depression and OCD till it pooped out after 5 years.Remeron was also one of the best meds I,ve been on till it like Zoloft pooped out.Not sure how much it helped my OCD but the OCD is easier to get a handle on when your mood is good.Paxil also worked pretty good but I had to add lamictal to keep my mood stabalized.In close to 20 years those are the 3 meds/combinations that have worked.


Everyone is different so results may vary but Lexapro didn,t do much for me and seemed to make my anxiety worse all the time.I,m currently on Luvox for about 3 months and like the OP don,t feel its doing much.If anything I think its causing more issues than helping.


I,ve heard Prozac can also be good for OCD and like others said Anafranil is considered the gold standard but may have worse side effects.I think a lot depends on what dose you need.I seem to have to go to the max on any of the meds to get them to work.

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The only problem I see is that Lexapro contains the same psychoactive molecule as Celexa so if Celexa lost its effectiveness then I don't know if Lexapro would be effective. It's possible that it will work. Stranger things have happened. It's good that you had a break from the Celexa (Luvox and Viibryd) so Lex may just be the med that helps you. As others have said, Lexapro, Celexa, Viibryd, and Luvox are not the only SSRIs that are effective against OCD.

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Thank you guys!

Jt07, you bring up a good point; it's something I've considered but I've relapsed with my OCD for 3 months now (and been suffering depression) and I am just desperate for something that will work so I can begin CBT. Without meds I don't think I could successfully accomplish CBT. My OCD is pretty bad and I just want my life back and to start feeling more like myself again. :(

My dr called in lexapro today. Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!

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