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OCD and I'm going to start driving

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I'm getting my permit tomorrow (because my first one expired over a year ago). I'm going to start driving. I may be living on my own next year if my bf doesn't get into the University of Wisconsin so I figured I should at least drive. 


The issue with driving is that I think I hit people. Flat humans. Babies. Animals. Anything!!


Then I go back and check over and over again. 


Does anyone have advice? I don't see tdoc until later on so advice now would be helpful. 


I get so damn anxious!!

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This is not an uncommon form of OCD.You could try briefly saying if I would have hit something I would have felt it but try not to think about it to much.Easier said than done I know.I had this form of OCD at one point.You really need to avoid going back and checking.It will cause your anxiety to skyrocket at first but it should come down over time and each time you avoid going back to check it will get easier although its not necessarily a linear recovery.Its basically a form of exposure and response type therapy.


A book that describes a case example of this type of OCD symptom is in the book "The boy who couldn,t stop washing" but Judith L Rapoport.Sometimes reading your not alone helps ease some of the anxiety but definitely talk to your doctor and or therapist.

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I have this obsession/compulsion too. I'll go over a slight bump in the road and be like "I HAVE JUST HIT A CHILD" and then check 100 times cause I keep being afraid I've just MISSED the child I hit. 


I haven't completely defeated this one myself. Having someone in the car with you who can go "No, you didn't just hit someone." can be helpful, if that's possible. But of course that's not always possible. If you can resist checking, that'll definitely help, but again, easier said than done.


How's your insight when this happens? Mine tends to be awful with this one.

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I would recommend not driving alone at first. Keep someone in the car who can reassure you that you didn't hit anyone so that you can get into the habit and begin to have more confidence in your driving abilities. Beyond that, talk to your tdoc. I know you said that you don't get to see your pdoc until later, but how much later? Can you get in to see your tdoc sooner and see them more often?

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Bf said that he'll be the one to reassure me and make sure I don't go back and check. 


Between tdoc's travel schedule and my work schedule I don't see her too often. Although we try to make weekly appointments and when things are calm I end up having weekly appointments. I see her later this month. 


My insight is absolutely horrible. I have the belief that humans are flat so you can't actually feel when you run them over. 


One time I was driving and hit the curb when I turned and I convinced myself that there was no body because some magical being took it away immediately without me seeing them. Oh yeah and the red car was covered with blood. Obviously that's why the car was red. 

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I seem to have this problem. I don't know what to do because it is getting worse. Its to the point I cannot drive at times. sometimes it takes an hour to drive to work which is only a 15 minute drive, because I keep looping around and checking and re-checking to make sure i didn't hit anything. parking lots are a complete nightmare for me

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