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Is Latuda causing weight gain for anyone? I lost 50lbs following a strict calorie diet. After 3 months on Latuda, I have gained 4, going on 5. This doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you worked your bottom off to lose the weight, continue counting calories and the weight is coming on, it's a problem. I keep reading how it's weight neutral, etc. Not for me! Also, it's not making the biggest difference in the depression. I am not having crisis depressive episodes anymore, but I am still "down" many, if not most days. Hardly seems worth it. Any experiences with Latuda and weight?

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What meds were u on before latuda? most antipsychotics gause weight gain some more than others. I am losing a little bit of weight with Latuda.


If you are gaining 5+ pounds and u care i suggest switching to a different med. However, if u take Latuda and u can function where u can go to college/ school or work then I think look at the positive sides.

Since I went from Invega to Latuda I believe I'm going to lose more weight but not much. Latuda is more weight friendly.. metabolic friendly than my previous med Invega or Risperdal.


Reason I switched to Latuda is that it helps u manage stress better and gives u pro cognitive stuff. Also hoping to go back to college, be less nervous, and be able to work full time.

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I've been on Latuda for 3 years and haven't gained any weight. I didn't lose any weight either, but I didn't gain. I got prescribed Metformin for high blood sugar, and since starting it, I've lost 24lbs. I know it's frustrating after losing weight to gain some back, but 4/5 pounds is not that much. I gained like 40lbs on seroquel in 3 months.


Does it help? You have to weigh the pros vs the cons.

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