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I am currently on risperidone. The first few days I was very shaky.I had minor headaches. I also had this weird pressure feeling from behind my eyes. And sleepiness. All of the side effects went away as the dose when up. I started on 1 mg, then bumped it up to 2, then 4 mg.

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I take Risperidone Consta. I had some insomnia when I started and reduced appetite. I am adjusting to it and am able to sleep pretty well now. This may have been due to me switching from Xyprexa shortly beforehand, however.

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I was on Risperdal Consta for a while, which is the long acting injection form of Risperdal.


I gained a little weight but I had just stopped Topamax, which made me lose a LOT, rapidly, and I'm still considered underweight.. It didn't effect my appetite. 


It was very good for my mood. I did have issues with insomnia, but I've always had problems with insomnia. I didn't find the shots sedating, I did have mild akathasia (which is worse now, since I switched to a different injection, a typical AP called Piportil) but Artane fixed that. I didn't have the akathasia every day, it was generally a day or two after the shot. 


Prolactin levels have to be taken once in a while because it can cause high prolactin in some people. I didn't have prolactin problems on the injection, but I did on the pills (however, I was taking something to UP my prolactin at the time). 


I came off it because Piportil controls my psychosis better at lower doses. It's a good med, I just don't respond that great to AAP's for psychosis. 


I never had sexual side effects either. I did have a bit more salivation, but that was a good thing, since I usually had dry mouth. I wasn't drooling or anything, but my dentist noticed an improvement in my gums while I was on it. Unexpected bonus side effect, I suppose. I had no other side effects than what I've mentioned. I'd still be on it if it controlled my psychosis better.

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I take risperdal and when i first started taking it I would get a clogged nose.....Sleepy weird dreams.......Been on it for six almost seven years.....I don't know why I am on it other than i was being used to see how it works....I had a drug induced psychosis so it;s very likely that it all went into remission by now but the problem is the withdrawals are to hard to handle that I start to crack under the pressure of weaning...

Btw I can smoke a bowl of weed and been fine but my anxiety goes up.....I'm not encouraging drug use i just see how well my brain has healed....The body is a wonderful thing. Treat as such.

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