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What else helps you with your OCD?

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I found that if you can't keep up doing it on a daily basis, you'll stop someday it since keeping up with exercising daily for example.

Even walking 15-20 minutes daily is stressful due to anxiety and you could do that for some months or a year but after a while it's repetitive so u tend to give up. 


How many people who go to the gym work out at the gym for 10 years? It doesn't happen. There is so much willpower unless it's really enjoyable and nothing is enjoyable for that long. Nevertheless, you should try CBT because it's supposed to eliminate anxiety but I don't believe it does.

If it takes 5-6 years to eliminate 50% anxiety, who can wait that long? Personally been going to therapy for 11 months and it's not to a point where I can go to the grocery store without hesitation.

I hesitate going to the grocery store.

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I find that I have gotten a lot of mileage out of learning how to observe my thoughts without engaging with them or needing to act on them and "steady my mind" through mindfulness practice.

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I second the mindfulness recommendation. 


Aside from that, these are the things that do or have helped me in addition to meds and therapy:

- Exercise. Specifically cardio. Strength training doesn't do it.

- Fish oil.  1200-1500mg of omega-3 fatty acids/day (good to run this by your pdoc though)

- A generally balanced diet


None of this would be a substitute for meds or therapy, but they do help, at least in part. 

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I jusr bought a book called the Mindfulness Workbook by John Hershfield. Im excited to learn more about mindfulness.

Did it take a long time for either of you to be wble to put it inti practice? And just generally not reacting or fighting your thoughts and anxiety?

I need to start exercising again. If not for my anxiety, for the extra 20 pounds im carrying around. Lol.

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Exercising will probably help with anxiety as well... all those endorphins and what not.


Honestly, it's only been in the last 3-4 years that I've really been seeing consistent changes in working with my mind... but I was incredibly irregular in my meditation/mindfulness practice for about 10 years. I suspect if you are diligent and work it into a daily routine you will notice changes faster.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidence based practice from UMass Medical Center that gives people a once a week class for 8 weeks to get them started, but asks people to meditate every day for those 8 weeks.

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