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I can't really smell things.

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I'm sure I haven't always had the greatest sense of smell considering I used to smoke on and off for about ten years. Lately though, I've noticed that I really can't smell a whole lot at all. Unless it's a really strong smell. Even then, I can't smell it as much as others. I really only started paying attention to it a few days ago but I think it's been like this for as long as a few weeks now.

I did do a little research and found that it can be a side effect of antidepressants so I was just kind of wondering if this has been happening to anyone else here and how long it lasted etc...

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I've always been this way - I am curious to see what posts/replies you get. It really doesn't impact me too much though... But then again, I've been without it a long time. I don't really know what a "normal" sense of smell is. I don't notice it until someone asks, "Can you smell that?" And I'm like "umm...no?"

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