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Sonic, have you ever gotten a therapist? A therapist is a good place to turn when you can't see your pdoc but need to talk to someone.


Depressive episodes pass even though it doesn't seem that way when you are suffering. You CAN get through it. Just be good to yourself while you are feeling bad.

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Sonic, what about a crisis line? For someone to talk to until you see your pdoc.

And I'm with jt, my therapists are amazing. (I have one for gender issues, one for MI) Therapy can really help.


The episode will pass, but right now everything sucks. Ride it out until your appointment, if it gets really bad, would you go to the ER?


I hope your appointment with the pdoc goes well. I know you've been on the Med-Go-Round for a long time, and it can get discouraging, but therapy helps. Seeing your pdoc helps. And remember, med changes are rarely instant. It takes a while for the body and mind to adapt. Just be kind to yourself, like jt said. Keep your stress levels down, and remember, the episode isn't forever. 


I often have to convince myself the episode WILL end. It does. 

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I feel for you im also having a particularly dark depressive episode as my schizophrenia has gotten worse recently keep thinking at this rate of degeneration ill be hearing dogs telling me to kill people, I've found that Christian inspiration stories help some and praying. Good luck and God Bless.

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