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Has anyone out there taken this med? If so, what were the side effects? If any?

I've been told I have treatment resistant bipolar- so meds haven't always been useful. Was on laminate but it was making me feel constantly ill. For personal reasons, I don't want to try lithium, but there was another person on the ward my last admission who was taking topirimate for bipolar (I have bp2) I've tried several other meds too. So I suggested trying this as a previous Dr had suggested it as well.

Dr has prescribed 25mg to titrate. I'm a bit worried about the brain fog but I gurss we'll see.

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The side effect that made it so I had to stop taking it was a sharp prickly, pins and needles feeling in my hands, wrists, ankles, and feet.




ETA:  Otherwise, no other side effects.  I wasn't on it long enough to really see if it worked for me.  (I was on it for seizures).

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What was your name again?

Topiramate, aka topamax, aka Dopeymax...I'm on 125 mg/ day...this does help my depression quite a bit for whatever reason. But I now forget names. This was already a problem, now it's reached embarrassing levels.

But considering that I went from suicidal to ok in a couple of days when I restarted the med, I will write down everybody's name and keep apologizing.

was on laminate

Autocorrect strikes again!

...Unless countertops and flooring have mood stabilizing effects I wasn't aware of...

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