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Do successful people make you angry?

Do successful people make you angry?  

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  1. 1. Do successful people make you angry?

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It depends. 

It frustrates me more than it makes me angry. It makes me feel like I should be doing something more with my life, even if I had just accomplished something I thought I would never be capable of. 


Yeah, I sometimes get frustrated with my situation, but not angry at them.


ETA: I have thought about this recently, because someone had told me about someone he knew having a position that he thought they didn't deserve (in a way that expressed he thought he himself would be more deserving), and it had set off an alarm in my head that I ignored.  I have been unhappy myself thinking about people being able to do things I would like to do and in some sense feel that I would be better suited for but which I think I'd be unable to do for some reason, so I asked myself what was different about it, and I thought that this person seemed angry and resentful while I have felt mostly frustrated and sad. I don't hold other people's success against them. It's not their success I have a problem with, but my own lack of it.


However, if I felt that I was in direct competition with someone who "won"/was chosen over me, and I thought it was for an inappropriate reason, then I guess I might feel angry toward the people who made the choice, the system that produced it, or the other person if I thought they did something exploitative.


I feel fine. I would only have a problem with them if they are putting me down.



I'd get angry if they were putting me down, too, but that's not really about their success at all.

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No. Successful people make me either feel motivated, or demotivated, depending on how I'm already feeling.

The people who make me angry are those who can show their vulnerability. That's all me. I wish that I could show my vulnerability too, but I can't. I've been hurt too much and the risks are too great. So those who can, they make me angry at their ability. They make me angry at the world for taking that away from me, too.

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My entire family is "successful." Everyone in my extended family (including all 4 of my cousins, and my aunt and uncle) has a graduate degree. Sister1 has a PhD, runs the Classics department at William-Hobart-Smith, and raises a cute little niece of mine. Sister3 graduated both Business School and Veterinary school, and is a vet in Canada. Sister2 went to business school as well. She is in charge of international sales at Apple, so rolling in it. So they are all doing well for themselves. They don't treat me like a lesser being, because they know I am just as smart and educated as I am.


I got a JD before I became too disorganized to function, and I s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d through it. I was a good lawyer in my brief career, but I started getting depressed, and law is an 8am-8pm (at least) profession. So I went back to teaching. I became too irritable and scattered to do that. That was about my mid 30s. After that, my pdoc told me not to work full time.


So that is when I went into dogs. If I didn't have migraines 5 or 6 days a week, I'd still be working with them. It was the least "sophisticated" job I did, but I learned the most while doing it. Dog behavior is complex and fascinating. Dogs are bilingual, they speak human and dog. Humans generally are monolingual.


So while I've been stereotypically successful, I am happiest with dog care. I'd rather play with 25 dogs than work with one legal client.


I laugh if other people try to show off, because I've got some tricks up my sleeve to embarrass them with.

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I sometimes feel envious when I see people that I presume to have an "easier" life.


And then I remember how well I have been able to "hide" my crayzee and how many people would consider *me* a successful person in spite of how much it has taken to get my life back from teh crayzee as much as I have.

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