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Hi everyone

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Hi to all, 


very new here. A bit about my 'crazy history'.


Born a long time ago. 


Age two: Attachment Disorder


Age six First Psych Referral. Nightmares and Anxiety


Age 17. Rampant Hypochondria. Always had some fatal disease


Age 20 First Diagnosis Postnatal Depression


Age 25 Rampant Postnatal Depression not diagnosed for three and half years. I was a mess.


Age 28- 53. Severe PMD, all but certafiable. Recurring depression, and alcoholism. Not a good form of self medication. But stopped from 40-52. Marriage broke down, crazy again. I think I might have abandonment issues.


Age 52 Alcohol Relapse, depression and anxiety etc etc.


Age 59 Stopped drinking now sober 16months. Ongoing depression anxiety etc


Age 60 Bad attack of 'mixed state' very depressed but bursts of euphoria and amazing insights. Felt totally loopy.


At the moment I'm trying hard to get a psych referral. I think I've got some sort of mood disorder, don't know what the Doc thinks. I'm on 300mg Trazodone at the moment. It calms me down, but my mood is still grim.


I look forward to getting to know you all. 

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Hi, Portia.  It sounds like we of an age together.  You certainly have traveled a rocky road, and I hope you are successful in getting a referral to a psychiatrist. 


Let us know if we can help you with anything.


Oh, and congratulations on 16 months of sobriety!  We have an addictions forum, so if you need some moral support, write a post there and I know people will respond.  It's really hard to kick that addiction to the curb.



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