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What unique symptoms do you have?

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Hey guys,


So I'm trying to write about depression, and I want to make it a bit more personal than just the generalized list you find on the internet. I know what I'm like when I'm depressed, but are there any specific/unique things that you do (or don't do)?


For example: When I'm depressed I call in sick to work, lay backwards on my bed under all my sheets, and pretend nobody can find me. I also like sitting in the closet.


Also if you want to share unique coping mechanisms I'd appreciate that perspective too. Mine would be that if I'm in a REALLY bad place I stop and make myself write a list of 5 reasons why I need to live. (Right now that list is my cat, my school finals on thursday, my family is visiting in 2 weeks, I have a therapist appointment tomorrow, and I'd leave my sister to pay the full amount of rent...which isn't nice.)


Like I said-- I'm looking for unique and specific things that you wouldn't necessarily find on your "depression symptoms" checklist. Is there one particular food you go to if you can't get the energy to eat (mine is either Dominos delivery pizza or a bowl of cereal)? 


I'd appreciate any feedback! I want to make this as "real" as possible-- not sterile and cold.

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I must be missing something: why are we doing your homework for you?

Can't you just say something like "people with depression commonly experience [what you experience]; while more uncommon, people may also experience [what you experience]."

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