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My therapist, psychiatrist, and people around me state that I was in psychosis in the past and that there wasn't an investigation where I was being followed and my medical records were not released. Currently, I am having a very DIFFICULT time believing what they are telling to me, and trying to know if the investigation/documenting of me is real or just a conicidence. I still don't believe or trust them 100%.


In the past, I noticed unusual people staring/following me, an undercover detective vehicle parked next to my car waiting for me (I wrote down the licnese plate- when I called my therapist on the phone, the detective drove off quickly), when I was in the therapist office waiting - a private investigator showed his badge to the receptionist and sat down, when I was waiting to be checked into a drop-in crisis group - someone took a picture of me with their cell phone camera. And whenever I talk to someone on the phone, I hear static and that could be recording by a third party, or interference by poor connection as what "they" would say.

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