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How long to taper off Paxil? What drug(s) should I try next?

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I have been on paxil for 8 years for social anxiety and depression initially, 20mg a day and it just doesnt work anymore so im getting off it. However I have heard horror stories about the withdrawal symtoms so whats a good taper plan to get off it without suffering too much?

Im also thinking of asking the doc for a new med for my severe depression, insomnia, anxiety, anhedonia and suicidal thoughts....can you guys recommend good meds I can ask off my doc for these symtoms?

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I was lucky. Quit it cold turkey and nothing bad happened. I've heard a lot of horror stories, though. I wouldn't recommend my method. I knew one guy that had to go to liquid form to taper off. Blech! I'm sure your pdoc can tell you how best to go about getting off of it. Good luck!

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Your best resource for a taper is your doctor. We can only share our experiences, but we cannot tell you what taper would be right for YOU.


Personally, I took a month to taper off Paxil. Some people do it sooner while others take longer. It's really going to depend on you, your doctor, and your reaction to the taper.

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