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One medication boosting another?

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I have had some medication changes in last few weeks due to severe depression. My lamictal has been increased from 200mg to 275mg. Lithium was increased from 800mg to 1000mg. No change in mood so far. My question is could these medication increases boost my other medications or be boosted by my other medications. Do they work together or in isolation? I am struggling to keep going and concerned the above medication changes mentioned won't do it for me


My other medications are

Seroquel xr 800mg

Prozac 40mg

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My pdoc would say that they do boost each other and that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Personally, I have not found that to be true. I know what each med in my cocktail does and they don't tend to work synergistically but additively.

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I wanted to say that lithium and lamictal are a really common combination, and do work well together, although I think saying there is synergy might be pushing it. Lithium with Lamictal made me much less depressed (although I ended up still needing Latuda to finally squelch it). And I haven't had any highs since I went onto the lithium.

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