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On Lexapro/Wellbutrin, feeling AWFUL - adjust, add, ?

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I've been on lexapro 20mg and Wellbutrin XL 150mg (both generic) for a few months and am feeling awful. I'm self pay at my pDoc (insured, but she doesn't take y particular insurance, been seeing her for a long time and don't want to find another pDoc), so I'm hoping she'll call me today since it's $160 for an appointment.


Originally adding the Wellbutrin to the lexapro seemed to help a lot with energy and motivation, but then it stopped working. I'm depressed, want to sleep all day, and am generally anxious and overwhelmed. I feel unable to make positive changes, stopped exercising, overeat and generally eat very very badly, have gained a ton of weight, and have problems with skin picking, extreme nail picking, and eyelash pulling. Don't know if I should try adjusting the doses of either current med or changing or adding something to the mix? I had REALLY bad experiences trying to change meds over the summer. I tried brintellix and pristiq before going back to lexparo and adding wellbutrin.


Things came to a head this week when I was on my way to a funeral (I'm a nurse and it was for one of my patients) and got into a car wreck. There were no weather conditions, road hazards, any reason for as bad an accident as it was. I was just feeling unfocused and my car went a few inches off the road, I way overcorrected, and my car rolled and ended up upsidedown in a ditch. Other than a bruise to my knee and possible minor concussion from being thrown around, I somehow ended up uninjured. My car is totaled (waiting for the official word from the insurance) and I will likely be taken off the insurance for my husband's car and truck and our insurance costs are expected to double or even triple since I also had a speeding ticket earlier this month.


My husband has pretty much given up on me and said that he doesn't trust me to care for myself anymore (which is pretty accurate) and is worried about me caring for our 2 year old son. I'm a really good mom but he is scared of me driving with our son in the car since there's no good explanation for why I crashed. At times I feel desperate for him to be more supportive but I also see his point and how frustrated he must be.


We recently moved farther out to the country and away from friends whose nanny used to watch my son while I saw my psychologist. I haven't seen her for about 2 months but hope to find a way to get to those appointments. My mother is very supportive but lives 2+ hours away and works. She came to help me on Monday after the car accident, but had to go back home and to work. I'm off work until Friday due to the possible concussion and the complex nature of my job. I feel sort of impressed with myself that I've been able to continue to do well at work despite my struggles at home.


Any suggestions or personal experience with these meds or adding/adjusting would be much appreciated. I feel a bit desperate here. Thanks.

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Spoke with my psychiatrist, keeping lexapro at 20mg and increasing wellbutrin XL to 300mg. Anyone else on this combo who noticed a difference going up on Wellbutrin?

Years ago I was on Wellbutrin alone and the 300 dosage made me all anxious and keyed up. I'm worried about the anxiety side effects of an increased dose but thinking it might be a totally different experience while on the lexapro.

Any experiences or insights appreciated :)

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300 mg of Wellbutrin is the therapeutic dose for many people. Some people have success with less, but it seems that 300 mg helps more people. Having the Lexapro on board should help with the anxiety.


I took citalopram (Celexa, close relative to Lexapro) with Wellbutrin for a while. Wellbutrin never did help me despite looking good on paper. But that's me. I wish you luck and hope you have a lot of success on this combo.

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Like JT, I also took the combination of Celexa with Wellbutrin. Lexapro is an purified enantiomer of Celexa so the effects should be comparable.


Celexa did counteract the anxiety effect of Wellbutrin for me. I think you might have a similar experience with Lexapro.


Although, I can almost replicate the Celexa's effect with aerobic exercise. At least for me, exercise is just as good as an SSRI. Of course, exercise is one of those things that's easier said than done, especially if you suffer from depression. I still struggle to do it on a consistent basis.

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