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Is it really okay for me to take Strattera and Ativan together? I take Strattera 60 mg every morning and was given a prescription for Ativan 2 mg which I can take three times a day (which would leave me drooling asleep 24/7. I only take one.

I used to take Lexapro 10 mg daily but stopped cold turkey last Sunday after I went to the ER with severe panic attacks (maybe a seizure). The doctor said he thought the Lexapro had gone toxic in my system.

But my main question is: is it really okay to mix Strattera and Ativan?

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But my main question is: is it really okay to mix Strattera and Ativan?


Yes. As far as I have seen and looked it is fine.

But... are you having some problems since you started taking one of these meds?

I don't know how long you have been taking the Strattera, but since you stopped the Lexapro cold, just be mindful of your body and how you are feeling.

Also, I would recommend looking at this thread if you haven't already seen it.

Only because you just recently took yourself off of your AD and are starting a new medication.

As for the Ativan-  is that PRN or are you prescribed it for 3 times a day?

There is no interaction between the two, but if you do have any odd symptoms at all, write them down and tell your doctor.  Between the episode that caused the ER visit itself, and coming off of your medication, your body is under a good deal of stress and you should pay attention to any signs it might be giving.

Also, in the future- the interaction checker that I use is here: https://www.aidsmeds.com/cmm/DrugsNewContent.asp but there are a couple others that you could use. But if you ever have any concerns like this, you should call your doctor. If you were prescribed this at the ER, especially, you should call your doctor and discuss the prescription with them. Even if you weren't, keep discussing any possible concerns you have.


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