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Hi Everyone :)


I've read on here from several people that they noticed a big difference between generic and name-brand Lamictal, so I'm switching to name-brand Lamictal. I've been at the max dose of 600mg/day of the generic and it's not helping.


People have said that they were able to lower their dose upon switching to the name-brand, which leads me to believe that the name-brand version of the drug provides a greater blood concentration than the generic version. I don't see any other explanation other than this.


For example:


600mg generic is more like taking 450mg name-brand.


So, if I do a clean switch from generic to name-brand, 600mg/day, do I need to worry about a sudden jump in Lamictal concentrations in my system? Will it suddenly be as if I'm taking 800mg/day rather than 600mg, etc.?


If there is indeed such an increase in blood concentrations, do I again need to worry that this rapid increase of the drug in my system will lead to a rash?


Thanks for your help :)



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I don't know that the evidence even exists for us to be able to say what the difference between brand and generic is - in terms of is it blood concentration, concentration in the brain, binders/fillers, speed of release - we just don't know.


what did your doctor say?

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I can tell a difference, but I switched from generic pills to the name-brand ODT (disintegrating) kind.  However when I switched over, I was able to decrease my dose by 200 mg.  (I've since had to increase it but for a long time it was the 200 mg less than I'd been taking with the generic).

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I think it is different for everyone whether it might feel different to be on the generic vs the name-brand.  IMO the pharmacist wouldn't know that because s/he isn't you, so they won't know if there is any difference in dosages.  Some people do better on generic vs name brand, and vice versa, but only the person taking the pills would know that based on how they feel.

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