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I'm RobynBankz

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I've found myself at a *potential* crossroad in my life

Terminated from both my job and my relationship

Now I have an impending move back to the city from the small hick town

Where I've hid away from everything for almost two years

all these things! So much change!

Recently diagnosed with BPD and ADD

Fear anxiety and depression rule my life

I was supposed to start taking 75mg of venafaxine hydrochloride (up to 150mg after a week) a couple of weeks ago now

I'm just so scared

I've had nothing but bad luck with and bad times on previous anti depressants

Every morning I go to take it and I just syke myself out and feel like shit and go back to bed for another 8+ hours

I know I'm just being a big pussy and I know I need to change

I'm hoping I can come to the boards with any questions or concerns relating to mi and treatment

As well maybe hopefully be able to give some advice myself

I am seeing a psychatrist once a month

He's really kind he's the best one I think I've ever seen

When I move I'll have to find a new one I guess

Which is always so hard for me

I've been an on and off mostly on poster on an off topic forum for 9 years

The thought of joining a new online community is both very exciting and terrifying lol


in recent times I've come to use the other forum as an outlet to practice DBT because I freaked out and dodged all the calls from the DBT workshop my head shrinker signed me up for

I don't know

My names Robyn

I'm weird and sad but I swear I'm a nice gorl

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