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Lexapro 10mg for GAD, social anxiety and OCD? does it work for u?

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I took Lexapro and I never needed to go to 20mg, yet it is a case-by-case basis. I usually require higher doses of things. 

I used it for depressive episodes of Bipolar and it was very helpful. [Also very physiologically addicting] It had a desirable side effect of eliminating all anxiety. That was cool - but my anxiety is not very severe to begin with.

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You aren't going to get addicted. In three days' time, you aren't even going to get dependent.

I took 15 mgs of escitalopram for about two years for anxiety and it worked quite well for that period of time. It did finally quit on me and I went off of it, decreasing my dose by 5 mgs a week until I was done. I had no withdrawl issues at all.

You can't tell how a med is going to work for you after three days. You need to give it a couple of weeks at least. Be patient. Keep taking it, and it may yet work for you.

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