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Benzodiazepine tolerance -oh my-

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So I've never abused my benzodiazepines, which have mostly been Klonipin for the past several years. Before that, Xanax nearly floored me from a 0.5 mg tablet.


My Klonipin is prescribed at 3 mg/day max. I haven't been faithful to that at all. But suddenly, every pill I put into my mouth was doing nothing. My symptoms weren't being treated and the pills could have been candy for all it mattered, and thats after 1-3 mg a day to every 1-3 days.


So my pdoc prescribed Xanax, which as I said, used to floor me. Its taken 2.5 mg to slightly feel the help from it. That's just abnormal since I've never been a faithful user.


Do we know if tolerance lasts for good or if there is a way to break the tolerance down and get to the place of a small dose helping again?



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That's a fair question. My anxiety goes from slighly to "I need my own corner" level. Used to be that 3mg/day would help that heaviest. Now the Klonipin stopped helping even the small anxiety.


So I had an emergency appointment with my pdoc, and he wants me taking 0.5 Xanax up to four times daily. That's barely cutting it, so I just wondered if tolerence was ongoing or if taking a med with it could help, or if it took time off of it to help, or what.


Ugh, I've had 3 emergency appointments with him in the past 3 or 4 months and I can't afford another fit-in.

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