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Discontinuing Clonidine

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Saw my GP today as I am still feeling like crap after being off klonopin for 28 days. Wanted to make sure it was withdrawal and there wasn't something else going on, as my symptoms remind me of how I felt when I had anemia.

GP thinks it's the clonidine making me feel so crappy. The headaches and feeling generally ill and thick, sticky, sore throat.

GP says it's fine to just stop taking it. Said to talk to pdoc about going off as pdoc prescribed but I should be fine if I want to just stop. Left message for pdoc. Asked pharmacist about it, she said it's fine to just stop taking it.

My experiences lately with medical professionals have me doubting everything I am told. Yes, I looked on the Internet. At professional medical sites. Mayo clinic and the like. They say to wean off, but I wasn't taking it for high bp.

So now I'm confused and unsure. I really don't need anymore withdrawal symptoms and days of it. I'm pretty worn out and would like avoid a drop into depression.

Thanks for reading. Sorry I'm so anxious and unsure.

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Your doctors are right, you really do not have to wean off of clonidine. It is a very short-acting med which is why it isn't the best blood pressure drug out there, you have to take it like 4 times a day to really control blood pressure.


As for your symptoms, feeling lightheaded or sluggish could certainly be from the clonidine, so go ahead and just stop taking it and see how you feel.


I just discontinued clonidine after about 2 years on it twice a day every day, and I had no withdrawal effects whatsoever.

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Have you had blood work done to check for anemia to rule it out?

Oh yes,she is doing complete blood panel to check thyroid, ferritin, blood sugar, etc. Not taking any chances as last time I was anemic the GP said she wasn't sure how I was functioning my level was so low. I stressed I wanted that checked.

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