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Hello From "The happiest place on earth"I didnt get the memo tho ;)

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Jennifer here..In Orlando Florida for the second time. The first time I moved here I had a break and was in hosp for 3 days .Got divorced moved to Tampa....Got remarried (many years later),and moved back 2 weeks ago and made it 1 night found myself back in same hospital as 7 years ago!


Anywhoo ...dont want to bore you with the details..

Im  DX BPD @ 17 PTSD @ 24


Ive been on and off all of it..since I was a teenager.


Battled a nasty H addiction ,and have 12 months clean finally


Im 42 newly married (1 month),and just home from a stay at my local mental hospital.


Came home with seroqul *sp 100 mgs bid


Feel better well I think I do anyway...brain currently wrapped in cotton feeling..


Its good to be here..

Blessed be!


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Hi, welcome to Crazyboards.


I lived in Tampa for 3 years.  It was... not for me.  Although I liked the springs (went canoeing a lot on the Chasahowitzka) and the beaches (Caladesi and Egmont Key, especially)  


Hope you continue feeling better.  

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I spent one winter in a camper in Haines City, if you know where that is.  This was before Epcot was built, so that tells you it was a loooooong time ago. :)


I hope the Seroquel is a good med for you and please let us know if we can help you in any way.



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