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been awhile. i'm still here. or, rather, i wasn't, obviously, but i'm back again to here; i continue to persist existing.


much has happened, many things are different in my life or soon will be, some things are sadly the same old shit.


i finally got onto email and then later still opened some of it and hope i haven't worried others too much with my absence. things happen and i was...indisposed, as things do and as i am from time to time.


i see i have messages. it will likely take a long while for me to get to them, so if you sent me one, know that i appreciate that you did. well, depending on the content, but probably. x


anyway, just came on to say hello, i'm not dead, i've thought of many of you, and i'm going to blog again sometime and see you there. and here. and/or. around. again. likely private one. probably not today. being online and writing this is about the extent of what i have in me right now. take care xx

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cheers....it's great to see all of you as well. xx


just for the record, i wasn't in the hospital the whole four months. i don't know why i feel a need to say that, but i do. well, maybe because i do tend to go for stretches in. that would be why.


anyway, yeah, not all four months in.  : )

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