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Do you mean you get distracted?


For me it could be both.  It could definitely be my meds, but also could be from lack of concentration within the conversation.  I can't concentrate when I hear voices or echoes because it is like having 2 or 3 conversations at one time.

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When I don't have anything to say and can't take anything in it usually means it is from the MI, because I have absolutely no interest in the conversation at all, and could care less what is being said.  I guess that could be boredom* or something also, but for me if I'm not interested I'm usually depressed.  That is me though.


*(When I am bored in a conversation I find a way to get out of it.  When I am depressed I can't be bothered to do that, while at the same time not having a clue what is being talked about and could care less).

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Since my first episode with psychoses my mind seems to be blank. I cant seem to hold a conversation or i cant comprehend what's being said. Would this be because of medication or the illness?



That still occasionally happens to me. 


I found meds (I took AP and AD) made it last longer and made it worse. I had many cognitive side-effects from medication. In general, meds had the opposite effect on me. (They made me hallucinate more too... It is ironical... APs worsening psychosis...)

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