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Psychiatrist prescribed me zyprexa, took it for 30 days, had all the side effects, including being very suicidal. He abruptly took me off it, and I trusted him, didn't Google it. I got worse, I have been off of it approximately the first of December. he put me on Lexapro within a week of going off the zyprexa. I had been on Lexapro for one year, and prior to that I was on citalopram. This time around I had all the bad side effects of Lexapro. I have been off of that since the 10th of December.

Zyprexa side effects.

Anxiety up to 4 times a day

Increased pulse

Severe headache

Thoughts of failure and not wanting to grow old. Sickness, cancer etc, not worth being alive for..

Chest pressure

Anxiety upon waking

Depression up on waking

Over eating

Jaw clenching

Over sleeping

Stuck on the couch unable to function

15 lb weight gain

Citalipram side effects


Severe headache

Full feeling

Chest pressure


Jaw cletching

Bad thoughts

25 lb weight loss

I still have anxiety and depression upon waking, that started with the zyprexa, and the Lexapro basically took me from over eating to not eating at all.

My question is this. For about a week now I get hungry in the evenings and the depression seems to be less in the evening as well. While I still have thoughts that things aren't going to get better they seem to be lessening as well. I am also working hard to battle these thoughts.

Are these signs that both medications are leaving my body?

Does zyprexa store in fatty tissue or anywhere else?

How long can I expect it to take before my brain recovers from the zyprexa, I have read up to three months, and am wondering why it takes so long, is my brain rebooting and starting to produce the serotonin or something again and that takes a bit?

Thank you for any in for.action you can give me. Ask questions if you need more info. Hoping in an on the road to recovery.

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