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I had a pretty bad psychotic episode two months ago and I'm still recovering from it. The voices aren't as loud anymore but they're still there and I'm still having moments of paranoia and delusions. I am also having great difficulty with concentration and with my memory. At the moment I can't even handle doing one subject for a part time course. has anyone else had these type of problems after having an episode? And how long did it take you to recover?

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yes, i've had those types of problems even after being, ostensibly, stabilised. for me much depends on what sorts of meds and how much and blah blah blah, but...time. it takes more time than you'd want it to, but after i was first diagnosed, i'd say maybe a few months for everything to really get under control...i mean, EVERYTHING...and solidly under control. now...fuck if i know, man. it hasn't really fully, fully been solidly under control for years. but that's years of episodes and discontinuations and shit. i am learning to live with things at a hum even now though, so that's perhaps more positive. what are considered my "delusions" i may never really be entirely free of, but i don't see portals and hear as many voices anymore and i'm overall "calmer"... but that's taken several months again.


with the memory and concentration...oy. i've had a lot of bilateral ECT and i have a childhood adhd diagnosis, so those things don't exactly work in my favour. however, there is something about cracking that just kinda scrambles you for awhile and makes it harder to concentrate. i think that's rather common after being psychotic. (and by "rather common" i literally don't know anyone who hasn't been at least a bit scrambled after...and memory can be a slippery thing at any time.) it can take, again, several months to get back to where you were before, but it usually IS possible. i mean, it definitely was for me, for years. even after ECT, i was a shit show with respect to memory and concentration, ("cognitive symptoms" generally), but after a few months there was clear improvement and even a year later it's far better. one thing i've done to try and help that is registered for cognitive remediation therapy. i have to have six months of stability first though, so still don't quite qualify. hopefully in the next year or two i will.


hope that helps and you're defo not alone in having these issues afterwards. 

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My last major psychotic episode was middle of September this year and I'm still recovering from it. The zombie feeling went away after the wellbutrin got added but I never fully recovered. I think it takes a few months. Granted I'm not the same person that I was since my first big psychotic episode (just had chronic mild psychosis before but not a big episode if that makes sense) and that was back in fall of 2010 so I've technically not recovered. It takes time. 

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