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Do APs stop working after a while?

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I'm on aripiprazole and it seems to be controlling my symptoms really well as it did for two years before I stupidly went off them cold turkey because I was too busy with work to make it to the clinic in time. I have no delusions or paranoia, and only residual voices that seem to be slowly going away. My question is though will I be able to rely on aripiprazole in the long term or is it likely it will stop working for me? I'm currently on 20mg so I guess there is room to go up to the maximum of 30 if I need to, but I really wonder what the pdoc will do if it stops working at the highest therapeutic dose...I really hope that aripiprazole will keep me stable in the long term

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That's  reassuring - aripiprazole is a lifesaver for me too and even seems to help with negative symptoms to an extent without any side  effects at all. If it stopped working there probably wouldn't be another drug with such a good profile, so I'll cross my fingers.

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