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Happy people, happy people everywhere.

Always Unstable

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I don't know what it is lately but my Facebook news feed is just full of people talking about how amazing life is and how happy they are and how life is just the greatest thing ever. Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm being a grinch but I find it really irritating. I also don't understand how anybody could be THAT happy. Unless they were manic. But even when I'm manic it's not really happy, it's just....mania. I dunno. Anyway, people are passing me off with their happiness, basically.

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People are allowed to be happy.  It isn't a crime.

But do discount that uncertain percentage who only look happy,

And do rate as unfortunate and approaching criminality those who can only maintain their happiness (or appearance thereof) if everyone around them at least pretends to be happy.  

This type can't handle anything else, it seems.


I've just had my knuckles rapped, elsewhere, for suggesting that it is possible to overdose on positivity, sometimes to dangerous effect,

and giving the example  "Oh, I can get my car through there EASILY!"


Happiness and positivity good.

If not forced or overdone.



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I think that Christmas (and holiday seasons) people do try and be happy (even if they really aren't). A little extra cheer I suppose.


As far as Facebook, many people put their best foot forward there so even if they're horribly depressed they won't say it. At least, most of the time.


However, I can relate. Sometimes I just want to say "Ahh!! Too much cheer. RUN FOR THE HILLS"

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