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Gedankenlautwerden and Wahnstimmung!

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In my trawling through the internet in the delusion that I can educate myself out of being psychotic I came across 2 German gems of words which are symptoms I have been having:


Gedankenlautwerden is an hallucination where a patient hears voices which anticipate what he or she is about to think, or which state what the patient is thinking as he thinks it. Sadly there is no convenient word in English to describe this phenomenon.

It is a symptom suggestive of schizophrenia.

Gedankenlautwerden literally means thoughts becoming loud.


A delusional mood describes a change of mood preceeding a delusion.

The mood is often one of perplexity in which the patient senses an unexplicable change in his/her environment.

Anyone else suffer from these?

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I have done before, but it is becoming less common. Usually at the time I am not really aware of this being a 'symptom' it is just reality to me, I don't say 'I am hearing voices' it's more 'People are telling me XYZ' or 'I am having a hallucination' it's more 'I can see XYZ.' The recognition is not there.

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My Voices like to ramble on and either talk about what I am doing/thinking or what I will be doing/thinking.

I have been DXed with BP1/psychotic features. I've never been sure where the line is for "psychotic features", schizoaffective, and schizophrenia.

My Voices also give me suggestions on different courses of action. Sometimes I feel like they are a talking Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

As for the mood changes prior to delusions, I have this too.

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