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I can't be cutting myself...


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I've been getting naked on webcam for money. I really enjoy it. 

I want to cut myself, but now I have nowhere to hide the cuts. 

When I was a teenager, I'd cut my arms and hide them. 

Then I became an adult and got a job and couldn't wear hoodies all the time, so I started cutting my legs. 

Then I started going swimming. I wore shorts and a bikini so I had room to cut still. 

The last places I had left to cut were my breasts and ass...

I can't do that anymore. 

What can I do? I want to cut myself. I don't want to give up camming so I can cut myself. But I want to cut myself. 

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It sounds like you need therapy. Really.

What do you want here? We aren't going to condone more cutting or suggest how to hide it.

I'm not going to tell you to go get a real job, but honestly, I found it helpful.
The debate shouldn't be if you should quit so you can cut more or not.

There are lots of other reasons to quit BOTH.

But at least focus on the self harm issue.
Why do you want to cut? What triggers you?

Do you know other coping mechanisms?

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I'm sad to hear that cutting has become more and more secretive as a way to manage your emotions.


It sounds like you are running into a place where this coping strategy is starting to cause more problems than it solves.


Learning other skills to manage urges to self harm is really valuable for long term management of self harm urges.


You might get some ideas from the thread pinned at the top of this forum... Today I wanted to self harm but instead I...

It's basically a matter of learning how to outlast the urges without acting on them, in combination with doing the long-term work of understanding and coping with emotions to decrease the stressors that lead to self harm urges.


I believe in you. You can change this behavior.

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