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Lunesta and Mood Swings-rage-crying-despair

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I was taking Lunesta (ezopiclone) occasionally (2mg), because I have a hard time *falling* asleep.  (One I'm there I'm fine)


The temptation to use it everyday was strong, but I resisted.  It is a great pill, I thought.  Just the falling asleep feeling is so nice.


But in November, I started taking it every day, because I was on an extended work trip, often sleeping in unfamiliar places.  Gradually, because I craved oblivion after a long stress day, I would take 1.5 tabs (=3mg) everyday.


A few weeks after I started this, I began having really bad "attacks," mood swings very violent, as if a sudden devil came inside me, or someone took a butcher knife to my soul.  Rage, irritation, crying fits, extreme hopelessness, despair.  I have to lock myself into toilet stalls at work so that I wouldn't yell/cry at my workmates.


Then a hyper awareness of the futility of time passing: as if every single second of passing time was a needle puncturing my soul.  Every second of time, hurts.  


Yeah, it really is that bad.  These attacks sometimes last hours, sometime minutes.  When they leave, I'm fine again, maybe a little low level sadness, but basically ok.


My Pdoc is telling me that it "could be" the Lunesta, but it "could be" the accumulated stress of my living situation and eating disorder.  He wants me to try Sonata.  


He tells me that my situation is giving me psychotic attacks.  I've never had these kinds of violent possessions before.  They're so bad I can't even remember the feelings well when I'm out of them.  


I'm also taking Wellbutrin, 75mg a day.


It seems like the "side effects" of Lunesta, as listed, could include these kinds of attacks.  Maybe.


Does anyone have any insight or experience with this?


I'm tapering my intake of Lunesta down, and coping with taking a long time to fall asleep, but these attacks are continuing.  

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