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When (hypo) mania strikes!

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I've never learned how to deal with the ascent into mania or the manias themselves. My hypomanic periods are usually short and I can't tell the difference between then and when I am being naturally spunky. Suddenly, I find myself in the clutches of that confusing and terrifying high. I realize on some levels what it is and deny it too. I'm sure we all do, no matter how our manias show for us as individuals.

Do any of you have any methods for either picking out when you're starting to go up there, or when you are REALLY getting up there? I find myself doing the cyclothymic thing and then BOOM, my bank account feels it!

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A very long walk, followed by ashtanga yoga with emphasis upon proper breathing. Variable effectiveness. PRN administered if needed.

(If smart, I leave my wallet at home.)

I know I'm getting up there when I start speaking too quickly and no one has any fucking clue what I'm saying unless I repeat it five times, at which point they acquire some clue. I don't know how helpful that is, though....

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Imnop- I'll try your methods on one of my "slightly elevated" days and I'll ask my pdoc what meds in addition to that I can take if I feel erratic bouncing. I'll do the yoga and pay attention to my rate of speech. Another thing that I personally do while manic that I never usually do is drink alcohol. Gotta watch out for that too!

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Lately I find I become chatty freakin' Cathy and just yapyapyap, mind zippity, zappity...then I want to drink.  Like A Fish.  It's a throw back to my old self medication days of when I would try to just calm the fuck down and keep riding the wave at the same time.  Energy like there's no tomorrow too...leads to major insomnia...yeah, guess that's been the pattern.


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I do my damnedest to stay away from triggers if I'm getting hypomanic.  No meetings with really demented clients.  No socializing with "friends" who are hyper and loud and drink heavily.  No concerts.  Turn down the radio.  Walk outside somewhere quiet.  Spend some time with a cat purring on my lap.  Don't watch TV news or even listen to radio news, especially at night.  Yoga and meditation are great, but I often find them irritating if I'm getting manic.

And if I'm getting there I ban myself from shopping except from a list of what I need.  Even grocery shopping.  And internet commerce--OK to window shop, not OK to buy. 

I just try to remember what problematic stuff I do when I'm manic and try to minimize it.  And I try to monitor myself throughout the day to see what's making it worse so I can take time-outs.

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My (hypo)mania, mainly induced by AP agents (e.g.Geodon,Zyprexa,Abilify.etc.), can show up in my driving at times.

I drive too fast: 70+ in 35 Zones!!!! 45-50+ in neighborhoods, even in mine!

I don't keep my car under 100 MPH on highways sometimes. I drive in a Need For Speed fashion on 2-lane roads to the point where my tires chatter and squeal on curvy roads. One time, I went about 100 MPH on a 2-lane kinda curvy road and almost ran off road when I had to slow down for a sharp curve.

I 'stick shift' my automatic transmission (shifting it manually) for Quick accelerations.

When merging to interstates,

When I'm at the light before getting to the on-ramp, I flick the gear selector to "2". Then I accelerate to the on-ramp and go thru 1st gear normally. Then I wind out 2nd gear to 75 MPH and ABRUPTLY go to fast lane. Like a Seasoned Driver. Then I bump it to "D". ;)

I blow thru stop signs few times and speed through intersections.

On Abilify, one night, I was on a 2 lane road with houses and decided to act cool after being followed by a car flashing hi-beams at me. After going over speed bump, I mash on the gas and hit 45 MPH. A Jeep is stopped at a 4-way stop sign, and I decide to go to the oncoming lane and blow right thru the stop sign to pass it. I then continue at 50 MPH on the road and turn a sharp right to highway (tires squealed and chattered). Light was green. I then go 75 MPH on down the highway some of the way.

Now, dysphoric (hypo)manias-

I blow horns at drivers a lot because everyone seems slow.

I pass people on the road a lot even if they are doing 10+ over speed limit because I feel like they are going too slow no matter what. I kick down/manual shift into 'that' passing gear (2nd) to quickly speed up and pass them. I did this one night to a Z28 sports Chevy Camaro on the interstate to go to exit quicker, cut him off to get between him and an SUV, and he got pissed.

When I feel agitated, and I'm in somewhat heavy fairly slow moving traffic on 4-lane roads, I keep my car in

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Hey there,

The things I have done to take the edge off the high until it can be medicated are vigorous exercise (running, even); avoiding shopping and excessive socialization (my credit cards are in a block of ice in the freezer as we speak); and maybe a little Benadryl at bedtime.

The first ways I know it isn't healthy effervescence are the desperate need to make phone calls (I get that in some depressions, too) and the tendency to wake at five with a Mission.  By the time I'm speeding and spending, it's time for serious meds -- we just found that out the hard way.

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I've been slowly working through the exercises in BP Survival Guide about identifying triggers, identifying prodromal symptoms, and averting a full-blown episode.  It has these exercises for both mania and depression, and you're supposed to come up with action plans.

As for mixed (hypo)mania:

My first clue is that I wake up angry.

That does not bode well for the rest of that day.

DH and I have talked about this.

Next time (if only I could say there won't be a next time!!) I'm supposed to shut myself in my room with books to read, movies to watch, crochet projects, and my therapy ball (you know, that giant rubber ball for stretching and stability.  Hee hee, stability, I just got that).

We'll see if that helps.  At least it will shield DH so only one of us is ravaged by freaking mixed mania.


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