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Calling any athletes? need ideas!

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I'm seriously into ultradistance (double-maras, etc) running.

Also have what's probably depression, except docs are not sure (also get what may be hallucinations / flashbacks / something).

Am 22, female, student (psychology, so feel free to talk about neurotransmitters), dyspraxic (so i get similar weird med reactions as with autism), and otherwise in good health.

running really is my lifeline & a/ds are not going to help me if they take away running (i told my psychiatrist in all seriousness 'i can't kill myself yet, i want to run a sub 3-30 mara!').


olanzapine (Zyprexa), very sedated, weight gain (which is not good for running)

fluoxetine (Prozac), too sedated to do uni work, too nauseous to eat properly for running

mirtazapine (Remeron / Zispin), currently trialling, very sedated, gaining weight, makes me very dizzy & loose co-ordination (so i can't run), constant background headache.

i need suggestions for something that is not going to be too sedating, cause much dizziness, or be bad for weight gain.

Dilemma - need to be on a/d's, but also need to be able to run. Please suggest anything that might help!

Thanks a lot,


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