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So, so awkward. I've moved between two cities three times because schizoaffective disorder got in the way of my wellbeing. It's made for an extremely messy resume, which is difficult to explain - along with the whole what I've been doing with my life for the last two and a half years. I'm now back in city B where, fingers crossed, I'll be staying permanently, but the whole situation generally just raises awkward questions.


How do people get around that? I'm just figuring that if I run into anyone who might ask I'll just say I was very ill and went home for treatment (or something). I feel uncomfortable using someone else as an excuse as I'm a terrible liar (ie saying family circumstances or a family member was ill - although that might be the best path).

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I just say that I was busy somewhere else and thats it .My life is nobody's business but my own so I dont care what they believe or think.Im in the 3rd place I've moved to in 18 months , I used to think it was because my disorder but the more I consider it the more I realize that it was them.You see I dont have to socialize with anybody if I don't want to I dont have to be a part of a sick crashing society if I dont want thats my choice.I moved because I didn't hand out at bars sleep around and catch diseases I didn't even go to Church with people that are racist hypocrites so they keep getting offended then screwing with my life.The new place I moved to is just the same as the rest , being here is what brought me to the realization .This little freak town wont even cash my checks or conduct themselves in a professional manner because Im not one of them.I plan on moving to a place where they have people like me and I can get professional assistance.

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