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Suggestions of AAP To Take As Needed?

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I'm titrating off Tegretol as I begin Depakote ER and, while I hope it suppresses my anxiety, panic, and irritability,

I'd also like an AAP as part of my cocktail to have as a PRN for when I feel myself start to get very irritable and I'm afraid I may say something nasty at work or while volunteering.

I am not crazy about Risperdal's side effect profile but it seems that, like Latuda and Abilify, it's not too sedating. Are any of these 3 appropriate for what I describe? I've heard Zydis is also less sedating than Zyprexa

I would like something I could take that would be fast acting but allow me to keep doing the task at hand Rather than knock me out so I am calm but have to go straight to bed

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I don't know if it's available in your country, but I was on Fluanxol (Flupentixol) for a time.  It's a typical rather than an atypical, but in small doses it works well to take the edge off anxiety or irritability without reducing you to a sedated ball of drool. It was actually used quite a lot when I was in drug rehab and they wanted us calm and coherent rather than ripping the heads off each other and the staff..   Worth a thought when you're considering what to talk to your pdoc about what to do next.

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