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Prozac go up for go off?

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Hey! So I've been on a pretty low dose of Prozac for over a year. I have a diagnosis of post partum depression/ anxiety. My anxiety is under control for the most part but the depression is lingering even after a year. Im on 15 mg and I can not experience any joy at all ever. I just go through the motions and think about depression all day. Should I up my dose or switch??? Ugh! I feel like a dog chasing my tail.

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I've been on 20mg for a couple of weeks, but that's as part of a much larger and more complicated med cocktail.  I agree with Melissa that a year seems like a long time wait for something magical to happen.  You really need to have a frank discussion with your psychiatrist about how you're feeling (or not feeling, as the case may be).  There may be a reason why s/he wants to be so conservative with your treatment.

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A few years ago I was on prozac 20mg. I was on it for a few months with very little improvement. My pdoc was hesitant about increasing the dose as he feared I would become manic.


Eventually he increased my dose to 40mg and my mood improved greatly. Some pdocs are cautious and play it safe when prescribing medications

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