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Well, it's not hopeless. It only feels so. This horrible depression will pass, and you will see hope once again. The trouble is that depression lies to us and tells us nothing will ever get better and that things are hopeless forever. Just know that this is the illness talking and not reality. The reality is that the depression will eventually pass, but I think you should bring this to the attention of your pdoc as soon as possible to get help to get over it as soon as possible.


Be good to yourself when you are feeling so bad. By that I mean, do things that you find comforting whether it is watching inspiring movies or eating your favorite foods or whatever. Try to eat well and get some exercise. That helps a lot of people feel better. Try not to isolate yourself. That's a biggie for me because I tend to isolate myself even when I'm not depressed. However, my psychiatrist says that it is vitally important to maintain a social life especially when we are depressed.


Be sure to call your doctor.

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