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nightly vivid dreams=no rest

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Ugh I have been talking about this in chat some but cant seem to find much out.


Every night I have VIVID dreams. So vivid. and often so weird they are disturbing. I feel like I havent actually rested...in years? maybe ever? I dont know when, I just cant remember when I got good sleep. I wake up in pain, tired still and it takes HOURS to get out my sleepy state (if i ever do). 


I feel like this plays a huge role in my general health but I have no idea how to stop them. Ive talked about it with my therapist. We tried no caffiene after a certain point. No food before bed etc. NOTHING has ever helped.


Does anyone else suffer from this? If you have found any way to make it stop, well i would be extremely happy to hear suggestions.

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hey HF... You might want to ask your GP or pdoc to see about something to help with sleep.


There's some research backing up that good sleep after trauma can help prevent acute stress disorder and subsequent PTSD symptoms.

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Im so weary of sleeping pills bc i have this habit of forcing myself to stay awake as long as possible (especially if ive taken something that makes me drowsy) and ive heard of bad effects. I know its weird. It likely stems from my childhood trauma. 


Im prescribed .5 klonopin 3X a day but i only take .5 total in a day. Im going to try taking .5 at night and see if it helps at all (for some reason benzos dont make me drowsy, they just relax me enough to not fight the drowsy)


Yes  I am a mess.

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Seroquel and Ambien were my magic mix until I started taking Cymbalta. The Cymbalta makes me dream, and I hate it. But with the Seroquel/Ambien cocktail, I went to sleep so easily and slept so deeply I never had to worry about dreams.

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