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I know what you mean.  It sucks.  I'm sorry the voices are so bad tonight.


I do the same thing sometimes with loud music and it works really well for me too, but only without specific songs because people communicate with me through the music to those songs no matter what the volume is.  Not saying that happens with you (or will happen), but I found that after listening to specific music over and over again (like one song over and over, or a few songs in a certain order over and over), people started communicating with me through the music. 


My advice would be to mix up the music so nothing is repetitive.  I hope the voices calm down for you soon.

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I've done that for about 15 yrs now my hearing is like 50% I piss everybody off because they think im stuck up for not acknowledging them not only casual greetings but also when they talk directly to me.I dont want to be one of those people thats standing in the street talking to invisible people so instead of trying to differentiate the real real from those in my head I just mind my own business and ignore everybody. Ive turned to reading which was working great until my eyes started going south also, not only that but I've literally spent years doing nothing but reading book after book to keep the voices out , now ive forgotten how to function socially, you know like etiquette and you have to smile, laugh, and agree at the proper moments, I guess considering I never wanted to be part of society thats not so bad not until people take my indifference personally but when you think about it thats their problem not mine.God Bless

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