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I was hospitalized after a bipolar episode and given a mood stablizer and olanzapine(Zyprexa) for the 3 weeks I stayed there.

After being released, I was switched to risperidone for 3 or so months, I experienced extreme sexual dysfunction while on it that has not gone away since I discontinued it two months ago. I have erectile dysfunction to the point of not being able to get a semi erection for more than a few seconds before it becomes flaccid again, if I do orgasm then it's weak and premature. I thought that these effects were only for the duration of taking the medicine, I didn't expect them to continue 2 months after discontinuing it, I checked my testosterone and it's low which might explain the low libido.


Please help me, I feel like I've been castrated because of this medicine, it's been driving me to the point of being suicidal and making me more depressed. I just want to live a normal life again and feel pleasure as I once did before. I've only found other stories of people who haven't recovered from this which scares me.



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You should talk to a doctor about your testosterone.  You could either be prescribed testosterone outright, or take a testosterone promoting supplement from a health food store or something.  You could research also different foods that promote testosterone, or other things you can do to raise it.


Have you had your prolactin levels checked as well?  I believe there are medications that can lower prolactin levels... I believe prolactin is the hormone responsible for causing the dysfunction and the lower testosterone.  Prolactin can make men as well as women lactate while taking risperidone.   


I was on risperidone for about 3 years and experienced sexual dysfunction the whole time.  I've been off of it for a year now.  My libido has returned largely, although it isn't quite what it used to be.  I am not sure if it is because of the risperidone or because of being "out of practice," but I have great difficulty achieving orgasm during sex, although not really with becoming/staying aroused.  


There are also herbal supplements that you can try to boost your libido, such as maca, yohimbe, Asian Ginseng and the aptly named horny goat weed.  I was taking a supplement with a mixture of these for a while and actually had to stop because I was becoming aroused too easily.  You could also talk to your doctor about being prescribed viagra.  


I'm not sure if you suffer from depression, but there is one antidepressant, wellbutrin, that can have the side effect of increasing libido.  I've read the same about a few other psych meds.  I think there is a thread on here called "lamictal is the new viagra/cialis."  Those might be options as well.

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Girl here, so don't have erections. My interest decreased significantly on risperdal. When I'd get interest, it would go away a couple minutes after starting and at one point I started crying. I stopped it June 2014. Hasn't been the same since. Hard time reaching orgasm and when I do it (in the last month or so it's sort of come back) has to be in one specific position. It takes me a lot longer to orgasm. All other positions are not enjoyable anymore and I just despise sex in those positions now. And can't blame that on having a different partner because I've had the same partner the whole time. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Girl here, so don't have erections. My interest decreased significantly on risperdal. When I'd get interest, it would go away a couple minutes after starting and at one point I started crying. I stopped it June 2014. Hasn't been the same since. Hard time reaching orgasm and when I do it (in the last month or so it's sort of come back) has to be in one specific position. It takes me a lot longer to orgasm. All other positions are not enjoyable anymore and I just despise sex in those positions now. And can't blame that on having a different partner because I've had the same partner the whole time. 

Do you still feel pleasure during an orgasm?(Both of you) I don't feel that anymore. Wondering if there is a fix to it. Someone on another board suggested dopamine agonists.

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I experienced the same thing on Risperidone. 


TRUST me. You haven't been castrated, although it feels like it now. In my experience, it took a while to "bounce back" after stopping Risperidone. It seems not everyone experiences this but I definitely did.


I apologise if I am too frank with this... but I think it may help.


I had NO libido while being on Risperidone. As in one day I was an orgasm-a-day bloke,  if not by others then at least by hand. And then about 3 days after taking Risperidone.... well I tried... and tried.... and of course tried again. But nothing. I could get it up. Although not all the way up. And orgasms were weak. VERY weak,


And after a few days I stopped trying. Because really... I had no interest in sex PERIOD. No Libido, no sexual drive at all. Everything that made me pursue my next sexual encounter (real or fantasized) was all of a sudden redundant. 


It was good in a way because I learned to separate my heart from pure desire. But it made me feel less human. Everyone else I knew were in some way influenced by their sexuality and yet I had none. Even masturbation seemed like a pointless waste of energy for zero pay off and it usually ended in falling to sleep out of boredom and apathy.


I missed that desire, I missed that release. And I knew that something is wrong if should not get it back after stopping Risperidone. 


I stopped Risperidone after about 6 months. I felt a lot more myself for sure. But sex? I couldn't care less still.


Bit by bit though. I noticed subtle changes. (this was over about 3 months) I would get slightly aroused by something I see. It was not enough to justify pursuing sexual release but I definitely felt "stirrings". I was happy to feel this as I had not experienced it for such a long time.


Over a period of 6 months or so after quitting Risperidone I was once again a sexual being, In all honesty I don't think it has come back ALL the way but I don't care. Were I'm at now will do me fine.


SO. Don't despair, It will take time (in my experience). But it will come back. Don't push it. If it's not there now then just give it time. It won't return in a sudden. It will be very subtle for a few months. 


Anyways that was my experience. Message me if you have any questions and I will do my best to explain my experience in the hope that you may relate or find useful.




EDIT: I'd also like to add that I am in no way demonising Risperidone or any other Anti-psychotic medication. Anti-Psychotics saved my life. (drug induced Psychosis).


Risperidone ripped me out of the nightmare world I lived in and gently reintroduced me into the realm of reality. Side effects can be shite for some. But I wouldn't change a thing. Not a god-damned thing.

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It's not permanent. Ask your doctor to check your prolactin levels, Risperdal can raise them and cause sexual side effects. It's easy to treat (high prolactin) and it probably would only be temporary.


I was on Risperdal Consta and had no sexual side effects, but on oral Risperdal (years ago) I got the sexual side effects.


Not all AP's or AAP's cause these side effects. But it is important to get your prolactin checked once in a while on some of them. It's a simple blood test.

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  • 5 months later...

Hi! I'm Sad Boy. I'm 21 yrs old. I tried suicide in 2014 november, because a girl refused me. I was mad for her. I was carried to hospital, and they gave me Risperidon 4 mg for 3 weeks, than they changed my medication to olanzapine, and they let me go home. I had taken 5mg olanzapine for also 3 weeks, then I stopped this fucking medication. After that, at the first time I was sweaty, I had tremor, vibration, I couldn't sleep, I felt sick every time. That lasted (jan-feb-mar)for 3 months, then I felt better. But my libido? Nothing! When I was on risperdal, I had no erection, and I had zero libido. When I was on olanzapin I had libido sometimes, and almost-almost-almost as strong erection( while I masturbated) as I had before the medication(not as strong, but acceptable). But morning erection? Spontaneous erection? Nothing. After I'd left olanzapin, everything went to waste. Now it's 7 months now, that I'd quit from medication. I have no libido, no affection, and it's hard to reach erection. I feel a little miserable erection in the morning, but when(RARELY) I masturbate in the evening, happens nothing in the morning. Before the medication I had huge, strong erections, after night-masturbations too. Now, what is this? My testosteron and prolactin-levels are ok. What shit happens? I'm free from medication for 7 months. My body? Is it permanent for me? 3+3 weeks medication-------and 7 months freedom. Nothing is good. Oh my god!! I'm so sensitive, I'll die in sadness. What doctors made to me is a wery-wery sad destruction.

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for reading my story!

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I've studied some of this topic a bit because Risperdal and every other antipsychotic I've ever taken affected me in a bad way. 

Prolactin levels increased by the antipsychotics is usually the cause of all the sexual problems, not usually the testosterone levels.

Also, being diabetic or prediabetic due to weight gain also causes sexual problems. 

And the antipsychotic medications I think do even more than just the prolactin levels.  I think they deeply affect the brain overall in ways that are bad for normal sexuality. 

Also my psychiastrists told me that the medications linger in the fat cells.  This is bad since the antipsychotics also cause weight gain. 

Also, Risperdal and Seroquel and Zyprexa are known to cause pituitary gland cysts.  They are non-cancerous, but still cause sexual problems, vision problems, etc. 

So to sum it up, the antipsychotic meds really clobber us. 

Every time I go off my antipsychotics my sexuality goes back to normal after about 4-6 months, but I can't keep doing that because my psychosis comes back too. 

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  • 2 months later...

So what's the solution? I have been having ED issues while taking resperidone too (even on a low dose of 1mg). I feel like a shell of my former self, half the man I used to be. I used to get rock hard erections until I started taking resperidone. 

I guess the objective is to get off of it? But even then you guys are saying it's still not the same...so what's the consequence? Lawsuit? 

All I want is to be back to normal again and have my sexual function back to where it used to be. What can I do? Not being able to have spontaneous erections throughout the day is debilitating, especially when you see other men who are probably fine down there. It's like why did this have to happen to me? I didn't deserve to castrated. 

Don't get me wrong, I still get semi erections, but they're weak. Any feedback or solutions will be greatly appreciated. 

My medication intake is 750 mg of depakote and 1 mg of resperidone. I just want to get off all of the meds and be back to my normal self.


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  • 3 months later...

Just wanted to add my story on here since it doesn't line up with anyone else is that I've read so far I started taking risperdal I think when I was 12 or 13 in 2002 or 2003 I am now 25 and I stop taking it in the summer of 2009 after being thrown out of my home and moving in with my grandparents so I could finish high school. Now I was never interested in sex all throughout high school even though everyone around me was I even had several girls try to hit on me or try to flirt with me but I had absolutely no interest I would rarely get a boner and even if I did it wouldn't last long and I've never had a lot of cum ever and I usually ejaculate within one or two minutes during intercourse but it's never very much or very satisfying and if it's oral or otherwise it takes about 20 minutes I just had my testosterone levels checked along with my prolactin my testosterone was at the very lowest end of the spectrum and my prolactin was not extremely high but still high enough to notice now I have suffered from depression I had man boobs all through high school and I worked out a lot during PE weights running basketball swimming you name it and I could never get them down and I could never really lose weight or get under 240 pounds and I always thought it was something wrong with me until I found out about the respiridol side effects about 2 years ago I have been off this medication for 7 years and my libido is not back my testosterone is not producing I still have small man boobs even when doing as many push ups as I can handle that can still fit a cup bras and I've been made fun of too many times to count about it my fiance and I have had unprotected sex for almost 5 years we used to try to have sex 3 - 5x a week and even then my ejaculate less pathetic not even one tablespoon worth and now my libido is so low we have sex maybe 1 - 3 times a month and we still have not gotten pregnant or even a miscarriage or anything and I think that I may never be able to produce my own children because of this I did contact a lawyer firm and they are working on getting my paperwork to take it to court but it's been about a year and I haven't really made any progress even though I know Illinois is a really crappy state and they are super slow at everything I live in North Dakota now

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Hi, this is kind of a late update, but I checked my prolactin levels and they were higher than normal. They eventually returned to normal on their own but the same problem perists and it's been almost a year and a bit more now. Not sure where to go now or who to go for help. My doctor just attributes it to depression but I never had this dysfunction in my past where I was depressed and I am currently not depressed. Thanks for anyone that reads this and if anyone has their own experiences or a possible solution, feel free to share it. At this point I've given up most of my hope and life feels pretty hollow.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi.. I have been taking Risperidone and other two medications continuously for three months. I stopped it abruptly or doing 'cold-turkey' way. Its been a month and a half now. There are some problems for me now. I'll list some of them.
1. Suicidal thoughts.

2. No sex drive.

3. Fatigue.

4. Confusion.

5. Memory problems.

I have been struggling with these. Hope it will be all right after few months. HOPE... that is the only thing that's left. I try to masturbate, but it goes in vain most of the times. Please send me your views. I need support to live, I am in that stage of life.

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21 hours ago, jt07 said:

It might help to know what the other two medications you were taking are and if you are still taking those other medications.

(Risperidone)Rispond -1-0-1
parkin - 1/2-0-0

Divalproex prolonged release - 0-0-1

I have stopped taking the medications completely. Its been a month and a half now. Still I feel I am robbed off activeness. I wish to lie in the bed the whole day. No desires and feels lazy to do anything.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have been taken to a hospital due to some circumstances and shown to a psychiatrist who prescribed risperidone 2mg two times a day.  I had no erection and ejaculation during the 7 months when I was forced to take this. Though I reported the problem to the doctor that bitch did not agree that it is due to medication. I read on internet that risperidone induces retrograde ejaculation and so convinced my parents to stop the medication. Three weeks after stopping risperidone intake I had proper erection. But the ejaculation lacks force even after 50 days of stopping risperidone. I have to squeeze the ejaculate out. I hope it will become alright after sometime. Is there anyone who has recovered totally well after going through risperidone medication? Should we take in any other supplements or so? Thank you

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I think you should consult a urologist. Risperidone can raise prolacin levels and that can cause sexual side effects, but any such effects should go away once the risperidone is discontinued.

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Hi... thought I'd update my status as it would be a wonderful info for others. Its been three months since I abruptly stopped risperidone. In the first month I was not able to get up from bed... always tired and suicidal thoughts. After 2 months the suicidal thoughts subsided. But thoughts about my future began to creep in. But lack of motivation and some form of activeness has been robbed out of me. A mild headache was always there. After reading about risperidone, I went to an endocrinologist he said I was alright. Did some thyroid test. Then after researching a lot. I tested for my prolactin. It was normal. But headache was still there. Then I went to pdoc and told the whole story of my delusions and the medicine stopping. He told me I was in the last stage of my symptom and the problem was getting solved. He prescribed me no medicines. But ordered for regular check up. Still I was having mild headache and activeness has been robbed out of me. I have to make a huge effort to do anything. I read a lot again and did test for Testosterone and CBC having read about the side effects of risperidone. To my surprise testosterone level was below than the minimum level and the blood test showed some irregularities from normal level. I went to the endocrinologist again and showed the result. He gave me iron suppliment (Zincofer) and told the testosterone test have to be made 8 am in the morning. I should make go for the testosterone test after two weeks. Mean while since I took the iron suppliment yesterday my headache subsided. I feel a little more energetic. Will update after some time.

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    • By browri
      Hello everyone!
      So, this is more exploratory than anything. I accept that, as someone with bipolar disorder, taking an antipsychotic might be a necessary part of my maintenance treatment, and lately that has become more evident. I had been taking Rexulti (brexpiprazole) in varying doses since 2017 when I started it with Depakote ER (divalproex, 24-hour) and Trintellix (vortioxetine). Still taking the Depakote (now up to 1500mg), but Trintellix and Rexulti have worked their way out of the equation, as of late.
      My medication regimen has taken a more classical turn due to a breakthrough hypomanic episode in Dec./Jan., and I am currently taking a combo of Depakote ER at night along with 0.5mg of Risperdal (risperidone). Because of persistent issues with depression and anxiety, I am also now taking 50mg of Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) each morning along with 50mg of Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) for ADHD that I have been taking for some time.
      This combo seems to be working fairly well for me. When I started the Risperdal at 0.25mg/day at bedtime, I didn't really notice much difference at all during the day, but I suppose it was nice as a sleep aid. I increased to 0.5mg on Day 4 and I've parked here to try it out for a bit before deciding to increase further. The Risperdal is really to deal with those breakthrough hypomanic/mixed symptoms such as irritability and agitation, which have always been tough for me. In the beginning of my treatment (2014), antipsychotics were used as monotherapy for mood stabilization, but I could never tolerate the doses necessary to calm those symptoms, because I was easily susceptible to EPS like akathisia. Fast-forward a few years, and we've found that using an anticonvulsant as the primary mood stabilizer with the antipsychotic as a secondary has generally served me well without too much incidence of akathisia.
      I started Risperdal on June 8th and increased to 0.5mg a few days afterward. So it's been almost 3 weeks at this dose. My experience so far tells me to keep increasing. I'm curious to know people's experiences on Risperdal, particularly in combination with another established mood stabilizing agent like lithium or valproate. I recognize that I take Depakote and that a combo of lithium+Risperdal may not be the same, but the mood stabilizing effects of lithium and valproate are generally regarded with equal respect in most literature for the time being.
      Any thoughts on lower dose Risperdal?....particularly in concert with another mood stabilizer?
    • By Catwoman
      I'm tapering off clomipramine, right now I'm down to 75 mg.
      I've been on it for almost a year, but I'm not impressed with the results. I was hoping it would work better than my last two SSRI's (which seemed to do the best job when I took them for the first time) but I can't go higher than 100 mg because of side effects.

      A few months ago risperidone was added to the clomipramine. I'm on 1 mg a day. I've seen some improvement, but I can still have difficult days or even weeks where I'm having too much intrusive thoughts (or thought, since it's been only one thought which bothers me). 

      I've had good results from fluvoxamine and escitalopram, but both pooped out. Maybe clomipramine had pooped out too.

      According to my pdoc, taking risperidone as a monotherapy won't have much effect. And with OCD, an antipsychotic is mainly added as an augment treatment.

      So what to do next?
    • By Catwoman
      So today is my seventh day on 0.50 mg risperidone. 
      I wanted to try this kind of medication for a long time.  I've been on ssri's for about 10 years and switched to clomipramine July 2018 because ssri's didn't work like they did before. 
      (My main problem....I have 'white polar bear' ocd and was free of symptoms for about 6 years. 3 years ago big relapse). I'm on 100 mg of clomipramine.... I tried increasing but then the side effects become too much for me.

      I don't think risperidone is doing anything special. I expected a little more, but maybe I'm just impatient.

      I was hoping the constant intrusive thought (which has overtaken normal thinking patterns) would become less frequent. 
      I hoped silence would come.
      Or that it would flatten the emotion that always follows after thinking 'it'.  Like: "I don't care that you (intrusive thought) are on my mind" and that my attention would quickly shift to something else.

      On the plus side....I'm sleeping even better than before. It is nice to be able to sleep the whole night instead of getting out (sometimes thrice a night) because I have to pee(which is a side effect of clomipramine).

      May I expect better results after two weeks? Of should I ask for a higher dose of risperidone?
    • By ponv
      Sorry I read through a lot of posts in the middle of last night, but am too restless to read through them again.  BUT!  I did see some posts related to my concern regarding restlessness as a side effect for Vraylar.  I have been taking Vraylar , 1.5fl - 1 wk and  3 fl- 5 days, and am extremely restless.  Would someone please let me know whether this will go away on its own, or is it permanent? I just got off lithium which I took for many, many years...
    • By LanieD
        My wife has been in the process of changing from Risperidone (1mg morning and 3 mg evening) to Aripiprazole. Because she had high Prolactin levels. With disastrous results. At the moment she has disturbed sleep at night, the voices keep her awake. Has unusual behavior, does not want to socialise or leave the house and spends a lot of time in a trance-like state in discussion with the voices. We gradually introduced the Aripiprazole and reduced the Risperidone over a three month period, at present she is on 20 mg of Ariprazole in the morning and 2mg of Risperidone at night. We are in contact with the psychiatrist who says we must give the medication time to work. But I am at my wits end my wife is impossible to live with. I would be interested in your experiences and opinions. She was reasonably normal before the change of medication, she had voices but we could manage our lives.
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