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The Hypo-Manic Edge in America

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While it is true that we have these "hypomanic" attributes, I've read numerous studies that put the BP rate (all types) in the US at the same, 2-4% of the population depending on who you include, as worldwide.

I think here the term Hypomanic is being used to describe a personality and not a clinical diagnosis. I think it is our culture that may promote this behavior, not our genetics promoting it.

Unless they can show me that the rate of BP2 is especially high among Europeans and people of direct European descent, then I'm going to go with previous research that has put our rate of bipolar spectrum at about 2-4%, just like everywhere else.

If it is higher in people who immigrated here voluntarily, what about African Americans, people of African ancestry who were brought to North America in the slave trade? They didn't self-select by coming here on their own. Is their rate of BP different from European-Americans and other ethnic groups who self-selected themselves to venture out into the yonder? African Americans didn't have a choice in their immigration.

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I think you bring up a good question.  Any epidemiologists out there?

Also, I agree that the New York Times is starting to use hypo-manic in a colloquial fashion, not a clinical one.

I'm concerned that there may be a trend starting here, much like "schizophrenic" is used colloquially to mean one thing while we here at CB know it means quite another.

Shit, if they only knew what hypo-mania is really like.  How it feels good but is really quite bad.

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