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Just found this on the Google Help Forum. I think this is what is happening to us. Did not have time to read the thread BUT, this is marked as the Best Answer.


Hi All, just adding this to dispel some of the speculation so people aren't led astray.

What we know about the Slimspots problem:
  • It's most likely a mobile advertisement that abuses its ability to be embedded in a webpage
  • It occurs randomly depending on if the ad is served to you
  • It might take you to a website that encourages you to install malware
  • It can affect both Android and iPhone
  • It can be stopped by disabling Javascript on your device
  • It can be stopped by using a browser that supports an Ad-blocking extension (eg. Firefox)
  • It is probably because the ad distribution network (most likely Doubleclick) continues to allow Slimspots to publish their ads
These won't fix the problem, so don't bother:
  • don't waste your time doing a factory reset on your phone
  • don't install some third-party 'cleaning' application on your computer
  • don't follow the 'instructions' on a bunch of new websites that have cottoned onto this problem
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I have had it happen again a few times as well.  It's not to an ad site this time, but rather tells me I need to install software updates:




don't do it.


don't ever follow any suggestion on install from any website unless you went there on purpose.

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I didn't do it.  I figured it was some sort of malicious thing and just returned here. 



which is what the guy up there⬆

is talking about.


Don't go installing or uninstalling. This is the problem of those WEBSITES.

there is nothning wrong with our settings, etc.


If it happens, resetting caches, clearing cookies is always good.


In fact, I ALWAYS delete ALL of my settings in Chrome once a week or more.

There is no harm and is just another extra layer of protection.


Everyone should know and remember:

Anything we write on internet, anything we say on our cell phones, anything we have on our HARDDRIVES, can be stolen.

Unless your computer is never ever connected to the internet.

It can all be hacked at any time.


I put my most complicated passwords on paypal, citicard, ebay, gmail.

the rest I use the same exact password.

every website can be hacked.

if you are concerned, use very very complicated passwords, letters, numbers AND symbols.

As(s) holes can steal from the cloud easity if you use simple passwords.


Do backups regularly. If you computer gets a virus that erases the hard drive. you will be fine.


If you get suspicious emails, delete them immediatley and delete forever.

NEVER send an email, whether your forward or copy and paste, that is suspicious to anyone.


Malware can be hidden anywhere.


All in all it is all safe, etc.

But the internet is NOT private.

And our operatings systems are NOT foolproof to viruses, adware, or whatever nastyware someone comes up with next.

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If there's malware on crazyboards it's over my dead body.



It is NOT on crazyboards.

it is on those ad sites.


and there are still some malingering sites with the malware.

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